scaledconsulting.com is focused on transitioning agencies into wildly profitable high ticket group consulting offers. Get proven templates, practical training and join the new wave of online client businesses.

scaledconsulting.com is focused on transitioning agencies into wildly profitable high ticket group consulting offers. Get proven templates, practical training and join the new wave of online client businesses.

Growing An Agency Is Becoming

More Difficult Day By Day.

We Help Marketing Agencies, Service Businesses, Coaches & Consultants

Almost 99% of coaches, consultants, agency owners & service-businesses think the key to scaling is putting X dollars into paid ads and they'll be scaling to the moon. Or at least, there calendars will be packed. This is very wrong.

Most marketing agencies are now seen as a commodity. Most still have the same challenged offers that other agencies use. Most are still using the exact same cold outreach scripts their competitors use. And to be frank, a packed calendar will still result in the same surface level objections the beginner agencies face.

There is a new way to serve clients. One that is highly profitable, produces better results for the client and extremely scalable. Stop hoping and praying clients come to you and learn the new way to scale your agency.

Why You're Doing Your Client's A Disservice By Doing It For Them

Think about it...why do the gurus do a group consulting approach and not a "done for you?". Why couldn't they just turn into a mass level marketing agency?

Why do their students actually see success and do not complain while your SMMA clients are ringing your phone every 2-3 days?

There's secrets that you don't know. Secrets that we've used to scale a B2B consultancy to multiple six figures a year bringing in better case studies and more profits.

And before you think your niche doesn't have time to learn and do it themselves, think again. We work in one of the busiest SMMA niches out there and we've done just fine. In fact, we've done more than fine.


The Ultimate Method To

Transform Agencies

A marketing agency needs to controlled and run by you.

Not your clients. You need a new mechanism for results,

one that gets your clients better results and is more profitable.

Craft A New Offer. Scale To The Moon

Have packed calendars week in and out with prospects. Systemize your marketing, sales and fulfillment. Scale paid traffic and shoot monthly revenues to the moon and back again. And do so by creating or repackaging one hell of a new offer.

Opportunity Creation

& Acceleration

As a service business, you need to service as many clients as possible. In order to do that you need appointments. But not just appointments, you need people whose lives will be changed by your work. These are the people that will become long term customers. Automate your prospecting through paid ads, warm up clients and close at a predictable rate.

Entrepreneurs On A Mission.

Long gone are the days in which you buy a course and do it yourself without any support. Get 24/7 support from experts who have done it in the past and scale with a group of like minded individuals all sharing a common goal. Join us on weekly coaching calls, recorded in depth trainings, templates and flow diagrams battle tested for proven success.

Escape The "Done For You Deathtrap"

Most agencies will always remain their clients "marketing partner" which basically means they do anything their client says. These agencies will do everything for their client, including meeting in person and undercharging the hell out of their service. For those who are past that stage, it becomes a matter of the cheapest for the majority of the marketplace. Nowadays, Tech companies are developing the latest strategies with AI to perform the same or even better services than most marketers and over time, they will wipe out most agencies. In fact, this "agency apocalypse" is already happening and it's becoming increasingly difficult even for experienced agencies as now they are just seen as another marketer with most clients asking "how are you different from the other 100?"

Client Success Stories & Public Testimonials

We've helped tons of marketers repackage their offers, plug business leaks, scale appointment setting through organic and paid traffic methods and ultimately scale their business to the next level.

Major League Profits $0-144K In 2 Months

Eric scaled with an unchallenged offer and started his group consulting offer which has gone on to serve 100's of entrepreneurs looking to start and venture into the profitable world of sports cards and memorabilia flipping. This is definitely one of the best ROAS I've seen. Net Cash Flow Against Time Shown. Proof Taken From Facebook.

♢ Major League Profits

Niche: Marketing Agency and Consulting

Result : $0-$144K in 2 Months

Founder: Eric Michael, CEO


"Sounds a little crazy but you got to remember I'm going to talk about these numbers and the reason these numbers are so big is because we are in a completely unsaturated market so the first month we spent about $8000 and we did about $90,000 in revenue and the total profit margins came out to like in the low 80 percents. It sounds a little crazy but yeah, what Prab thought me is super powerful and the reason we were able to scale so quickly literally within a couple days when we saw the ads doing so well is because we had everything automated and everything ready to go. And that's thanks to Prab why we were able to do those numbers and we're still scaling up you know." Eric Michael, CEO and Founder of Major League Profits


State 1: $0, marketing agency, needed help with acquiring clients

State 2: $90K MRR, working less and earning more through group consulting

Time Frame: $0-$144K in 2 months

Eric is the CEO and founder of Major League Profits, a consultancy that specializes on flipping sports cards and memorabilia and changing peoples lives through helping them discover a new path to earning income. He was running a marketing agency at the time we started working with him and spent some time working out fulfillment and client acquisition strategies from our team. He was able to pick up several clients within the first couple of weeks of working with us. Upon launching a new and unchallenged group consulting offer, he had his first few raving testimonials and solid case studies from his Facebook group, but no repeatable marketing and sales process... yet. He knew his product was the real deal and he needed his message to get in front of his audience fast. The result was life changing. He started working with us, and within two months, he had make back a 10X ROAS and scaled his consultancy to almost 90K MRR with him finishing off this month with 144K collected since launch. We helped him build out his entire ads and marketing process, refined tweaks in the sales process with automations and helped with packaging and offer creation. His progression to success can be seen on our community Facebook group with the awesome testimonials he's given us through time.

Fame Hackers $0-10K In 6 Days

Isabella was able to sign on 8 new clients in just 6 days with some tweaks to her sales process and appointment booking with prospects. She was an expert in cold email outreach and was able to book her calendar full but needed sales skills and automations to warm up her prospects before the call. After working with Isabella, she has definitely scaled her business to new heights. Isabella is definitely a very smart individual! Proof Taken From Facebook.

♢ Fame Hackers

Niche: Marketing Agency and Consulting

Result : $0-$10K in 6 Days

Founder: Isabella Bedoya, CEO


"Because you know why? Because about three months ago I was literally, it was impossible for me to sign a new client. I had two clients all summer long and they were low ticket, they were like a complete headache, it was a nightmare. Now, fast forward a few months ago I started signing on more clients a little bit more consistently BUT this is the part that changed my life...and it's probably changing my life forever. About 10 days ago last Sunday, I sat down for one of the coaching calls with Prab and Jastej and what they told me absolutely blew my mind. Not only did they help me structure, package and price my offer, they helped me create incentive bonuses, they helped figure out and dial down the sales page. They really helped me a lot....From last week until today, I've closed at least one client a day and when I say closed I mean I either sent an invoice on the call and they either payed on the call or shortly afterwards." Isabella Bedoya, Founder and CEO of Fame Hackers


State 1: $0, marketing agency, needed help with acquiring clients

State 2: $10K MRR, working less and earning more through a new unchallenged offer

Time Frame: $0-$10K MRR in 6 Days

Isabella is the CEO and founder of Fame Hackkers, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping aspiring musicians build profitable music careers through her FAME HACKER system. She was running a marketing agency at the time we started working with her and spent some time working out sales process and funnel strategies from our team. She was able to pick up 8 clients within 6 days after working with us. She has now gone on to help many aspiring musicians establish themselves and scale.

Beacon Media 4 Agency Clients In 2 Days

Justin came to us feeling demotivated with his agency which is in the RE lead generation space. His marketing and sales process needed work and in order to start singing on clients, he needed appointments. We were able to dial in his appointment booking through organic outbound prospecting and implemented a new sales process which led him to close 4 new agency clients in 2 days. He mentioned that our IPEEC sales script is literally a "cheat code." Proof Taken From Facebook.

♢ Beacon Media

Niche: Marketing Agency and Consulting

Result: 4 RE clients in 48 Hours

Founder: Justin Gasparovic, CEO


"I jumped in their consulting program about 3 weeks ago and prior to coming on board, to be honest I was feeling super demotivated with my agency, only had a couple clients, wasn't getting enough discovery and demo calls booked and just was all over the place in terms of my systems and especially my offer. It really wasn't resonating with my market. After jumping in the program, they really helped me finetune all of that....It was clear that this was by far the most detailed course I've ever been in." Justin Gasparovic, CEO of Beacon Media

The Workshop Mastermind:

Escape The Typical Saturated Agency Model, Craft A New Unchallenged

Offer, Serve The Same Niche, Scale To 6 Figures & Put Yourself

In A Superior Position Over The Competition.

How The Mastermind Can Help Your Business....

  • Fundamentals and Mental Re-wiring

  • Become A Highly Paid & Well Respected Consultant

  • Serve More Clients At A Mass Scale.

  • Package/ Repackage Your New Unchallenged Offer

  • Systemize Every Level Of Your Business Using Pre-Loaded Campaigns

  • Use Paid Ads To Scale Opportunities

  • High Ticket Consulting Sales Training

  • Scale to 6-Figures and Beyond...

  • Manage A B2B Group Coaching Program & Scale It.

Ready To Scale?


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